LSA Innovator Summit 2013

Hola Innovators!

We hope this message finds you well and that everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

As you may know, the Latino Startup Alliance (LSA) Innovator Summit is only few days  away and we are really excited at the fact that we will be showcasing Latino Tech Entrepreneurs for the 1st time in San Francisco.LSA

It truly has been a longtime in the making and we are so grateful to have amazing Sponsors such as the Kauffman FoundationGunderson Detmer, and the Kapor Center for Social Impact that believe in our mission.

In addition, we could certainly not have done this without the tremendous support of our Community Partners around the world. Thank you!

Most importantly, we are asking that as a Community that we come together to support these Latino Tech Entrepreneurs and also become role models for our youth so that they too can believe in becoming our future innovators.

As part of this ask, please take a moment to consider the following:

1. If you have a startup, PLEASE apply to pitch. We need representation and leverage the opportunity at hand to win meetings with investors.

e.g. Jeff of Blue Run Ventures, Ariel Poler a very active angel investor and Santi of Emergence Capital.

2. If your are not pitching, PLEASE signup so that you can take advantage of both the Investor and Mentor one-on-one hours.

e.g. Kapor, Sequoia, Illuminate, SoftTech VC, Elevations Partners along with many others

3.  PLEASE attend the Summit. We need the numbers so that tech world along with Silicon Valley can recognize and acknowledge our presence.

4. PLEASE invite your Community Members to attend. The sum will reflect the strong bond we have amongst us.

5. PLEASE let us know if someone should be attending but needs a scholarship. We’ll make it happen.

6. And you don’t want to miss the summit Welcome Reception on Wednesday December 4th in San Francisco.

Lastly, please remember these final thoughts that we are building the foundation of an ecosystem to support the current generation of Latino Tech Entrepreneurs and future ones, by providing the network of resources, tools, mentors, advisors, and soon to be capital, to launch these Latino-led technology ventures.

We look forward to personally seeing you at the Summit!

Un abrazo fuerte!

The LSA Executive and Summit Team

Innovate mas!