Nano design, legos and curing cancer

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek | Posted February 28, 2014

World-renowned designers will come together on March 10th for the 2nd annual Bloomberg Businessweek Design conference in San Francisco. Meet one of the speakers, Andrew Hessel, a distinguished researcher with Autodesk’s bio/nano programmable matter group. He views cells as living computers and life science as an emerging IT industry and he is working toward building viruses that can cure cancer. Bloomberg Businessweek is hosting its second annual design conference at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on March 10th. For tickets and information, go to: (Source: Bloomberg)

It’s important to note that we still do not know the effects of genetic engineering. Our scientific prowess is awe-inspiring, but it’s necessary to perhaps take an objective view to our actions and distinguish the difference between what we can and what we should do. All things considered, with many great minds at work, the Bloomberg Businessweek Design conference should provide many different innovative works and ideas for visitors to marvel at.