A day with Students from Hayward High

For a few weeks, LAM has been thinking and re-thinking about how to give back to the community and today finally we made a very concrete step towards this goal. LAM was invited by Edgar ‘ShoBoy’ from Univision Radio La Kalle (100.7 & 105.7 FM) to brainstorm and watch Edgar in action with the community.

Today after a very early rise, Giovanni and I met with Edgar and Janet Beleche from http://unshatteredclothing.com to share some ideas about how LAM can contribute to the community.  After crafting some awesome ideas we all moved to Hayward High School, where we met with Little Omar and Counselor Lupe Santoyo, to shadow Edgar. Throughout the day, we met with 3 groups of students who were very eager to hear what Edgar had to say.

The presentation was very motivational and it touched on Edgar’s life, highlighting his family’s challenges, struggles, and unity. It was a monologue/stand up routine that kept the audience hooked, engaged, and laughing. Throughout his presentation, Edgar highlighted the following points:

1. You can CHOOSE whether to be a victim or a creator under any circumstance.

2. We are all an army that are fighting against society’s low expectations, and as such we should remain united and help each other.

3. Go to school, graduate, and be a true baller and not a fake baller.

4. Women are the backbone of a family, and should be all treated with respect regardless of their age.

5. (As a Man and for a reality check) You should fast-forward 10-15 years and think if you would let your daughter date a guy like you.

As we progressed through presentations, the audiences continued to get bigger and more excited about Edgar’s story. Even teachers showed support and asked questions, encouraging students to think about what was really important in their lives. During lunch, students got to listen to La Kalle on campus and even participated in the ‘wave’ and some games.

After lunch, Counselor Lupe Santoyo expressed her interest in forming a partnership with LAM members to help students through High School and help them get to college. Overall the whole experience was motivational and inspiring, and I think that as a part of an organization as LAM who is filled with successful, ambitions, and energetic people, what a better way to give back to the community than to participate in their success.

So as Edgar closed his monologue ‘Don’t be afraid to dream big, but make it a reality Familia’