LAM is a multi-platform network connecting Latino professionals online and in person. Through a social media network and inspiring events, LAM creates strong and dynamic opportunities for like-minded individuals to foster valuable relationships. Currently, LAM is the Bay Area’s #1 Hispanic professional network. We serve as a resource for local Hispanic associations, corporations, and businesses in developing their workforce pipeline and establishing brand presence.We are an exclusive community of influencers, highly educated, newly affluent, and urban Latinos engaging and interacting in social, educational and political advocacy activities.

Current and past partnerships include:


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  • We are an exclusive community of engaged high-caliber individuals.
  • We are the most active organization hosting an average of 22 events a year.
  • Total attendance last year was 3,800.
  • Offer a private online social network.
  • Have the largest reach – 150,000 individuals.
LAM Members
Age  Gender
Average Age
56% Women
44% Men
Education Multi Cultural
College Degree
Masters or Higher
“LAM is creating a new type of organization – a hybrid between professional and social.”

“LAM is both a professional and social network where successful Latinos come to meet, play and collaborate.” 

“LAM is a conduit to various types of organizations for growth and exposure.”

“LAM is a strong community of passionate Latinos and lovers of our culture.”

“People should join LAM because it brings together the greatest selection of the most educated, fun and friendly Latino people. Definitely, LAM is the greatest group of its kind!” 

Who we are?

We are Latinos born in Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, USA, and all the other Latin American countries. We are Indians, Europeans, Africans, Australians, Middle Eastern, and all others, who enjoy Latin American culture and topics.  We are a multicultural and diverse organization with trendsetters and intellectuals.

Basically, we are educators, students, doctors, lawyers, CEOs, engineers, community activists who have a passion for life and ambition to make a difference.


Our History

In 2007, as an engineering graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, Giovanni (founder) turned his desire to connect with like-minded Latinos into dinners and parties in his home. From there, the need flourished to larger social gatherings throughout the Bay Area with the goal of connecting other passionate individuals. After seven years and with more than 10,000 members, LAM has become the largest and most active Latino professional network in the Bay Area.