Año Nuevo 2010 Boat Cruise Video

Pictures from NYE

A spectacular way to end 2009! In this past year, Latinos A Morir grew from 1,800 members to 3,000 members thanks to the help of our loyal fans! We have organized a total of 25 events including a book seminar, fundraisers, girls brunch, wine tours, concerts, Halloween Ball, parties for 200-600 people, and a New Year’s Eve Boat Cruise (see pictures and videos of our past events).

Our members have not only enjoyed our events but have also built lasting friendships, business relationships, and some have even been lucky to find a special someone.

For those of you that attended at least one event in 2009, I thank you for being part of something amazing. If you have not had the opportunity to attend, I hope you join us in 2010!

For 2010, Latinos A Morir’s goal is to continue to produce amazing events and to help connect professional latinos and lovers of Latin American culture … but this time in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I will need your help to achieve this by helping me spread the word.

On a last note, I am proud to be surrounded by extraordinary people at each event. I know Latinos A Morir attracts a respectful, fun, loving crowd because after each event (without exaggeration) I receive compliments from the venue staff, security, managers, and owners. They love our crowd and our energy and we always get an invitation to come back. Thank you LAM members and friends for making this a unique fun loving group!

Happy New Year and I hope 2010 treats you well.

Until next event,

Giovanni Gonzalez

Founder/CEO, Latinos A Morir

What was your favorite event of 2009? Did you meet someone special through LAM? Start a business? Made a group of friends? — Please share your story by leaving a comment below! Want to keep it private but still share it with the organizers? Send us an email: [email protected]