Awards Finalists for LAM’s 8th Year Anniversary Celebration

We are excited to announce the finalist for the 3rd Annual “LAM Community Awards”.

LAM has evolved to be a community of close to 9,000 Latino influencers.  Our members are highly motivated emerging Latinos and Latin culture enthusiasts and have proven to be the new generation of movers and shakers.

The categories are:

1. LAM Member of the Year
An individual who is the biggest advocate of LAM, the most active, and the most well-rounded.

2. The Mover-and-Shaker
An individual who represents business excellence, is an entrepreneur and who’s purpose is to dramatically change the business landscape.

3. The Activist
A passionate individual who’s mission is to give back to the community whether through non-profits or foundations, or through volunteer work.

4. The Corporate Advocate
An individual who has effectively navigated through the corporate world to advocate change for Latinos.

5. The Community Organization of the Year
That special organization that has been indispensable in promoting the well being of people and who is a leader in their field.  Can be a non-profit or foundation.

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Brian Rashid


TED speaker, Messaging Expert & Public Speaking Coach

Brian is a TED speaker, messaging expert and public speaking coach. Brian works with high level executives, entrepreneurs, elected officials, transitioning professionals and graduate students to assist them with the development and delivery of their pitch, presentations, and personal branding. Brian has helped entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley, New York City, Europe, and the Middle East secure millions of dollars in investment money over the past 2 years. Brian is proud to coach clients from big companies like Facebook, Intel, and Jawbone, as well as startups, accelerators, and incubators. Brian focuses on helping you tell your most compelling story in a way that feels authentic to you.


Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca


Emerson Malca



Making Entrepreneurship fun for kids provides engaging, hands-on programs promoting financial responsibility, leadership and teamwork skills for elementary and middle school students across the country and around the world. By teaching them leadership, entrepreneurship and business skills, students are better prepared to tackle the academic challenges of the 21st century. Children work together in a real-world environment to create a business. They discover their talents, develop critical skills for success, and increase their self-confidence. was originally founded in 1997 by venture capitalist Tim Draper who saw a need for inspiring entrepreneurship in children. Since then, has distributed three innovative programs – BizWorld, BizMovie, and BizWiz – to teachers in more than 100 countries and has reached over 500,000 students and 8,000 educators. Our programs offer fun, engaging content suitable for children of all levels, abilities and backgrounds. In addition to the U.S, our programs are currently available through a licensing arrangement in Denmark, India, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.



Community Resource Center

Canal Alliance is a comprehensive community resource center in Marin County whose mission is to help low-income, Spanish-speaking immigrants acquire the tools they need to thrive. Located in the Canal neighborhood of San Rafael, this nonprofit has been the leading service provider and community advocate to their Latino client base since 1982. Using a wraparound services strategy, the organization annually serves more than 3,500 families, youths, and individuals from the greater Marin area through effective collaboration with at least 40 other agencies and 500 volunteers.

Risk Consulting Manager, KPMG


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