Eighties – Ochentas

First party of 2010 takes us to the eighties — 30 years back!

English/Spanish Rock, Pop, Salsa, Merengue from the Eighties by DJ Juan Data, DJ C Bass, and Don Bustamante!

Join LAM at the new venue Sloane SF, with beautiful decor!

RSVP for discounted entrace before 11 pm. ($10 for members with RSVP before 11 pm, $20 at the door)

All members that RSVP and invite at least one friend to join LAM within the month of January will enter to win a beautiful painting by Mirsonia Meisner-Negron.

Eighties Dress Code Requested (have fun, play the part!) — add any comments on ideas!

Off-Shoulder Shirts
3/4 Sleeves
Crop Top
Primary Colors
Pink Sweater
Sweater on Waist
Matching Socks
Thick Belts
Long T-Shirts
Mini Skirts

Hair styles:
Feathered Hair
Rave, tons of it
Stick-up bangs
Side Ponytails
Platinum Blonde