Ladies Brunch – Asia De Cuba

For the first LAM Comadres event of the year the fabulous ladies of LAM got together for a very posh lunch at Asia de Cuba.

In order for us to get to know each other a little better we tapped into our inner Miss Universo. Each lady wrote a question which a fellow Comadre would have to answer. Here are the results, in no particular order. ; P

Lety: “If you had to live somewhere other than the SF Bay Area where would it be?

Ana: “Guatemala or any country in Latin America.”

Gina: “How do you help save the world?”

Imelda: “As a teacher, I like to think that each day is an opportunity to inspire the youth and be a role model to them.”

Ana: “When was your first kiss?”

Laura B.: “My first kiss happened when I was 12 or 13. It was very innocent.”

Imelda: “What part will you play to make the world a more positive place?”

Silvia: “Spread happiness. I would start with bringing joy into my life and being happy with me so that I can make those around me feel the same joy and happiness in themselves.”

Ester: “Who do you think would be the perfect President of the United States?

Veronica: “There is no perfect…but if I had to pick I would say ME! As the First Lady, or in my case, the First Gentleman, I would have a hot Brazilian man by my side. He would make me very happy and if I’m happy I would make very good choices.” JAJAJA

Carla: “When was the first time you fell in love?”

Gina: “In High School. I was sixteen. His name is Carrington.”

Jennifer: “If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?”

Martha Edith: “Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. I have a lot of respect for her wisdom and strength. Hombres necios que acusais a la mujer sin razon…”

Silvia: “How are you going to make this year special?”

Ester: “I plan to offer my services of biomagnetic therapy to the underprivileged communities.”

Martha Edith: “Why did you move to the SF Bay Area?”

Lety: “Initially, I moved to attend U.C. Berkeley. I stayed after college and worked with a SF corporate law firm. I then moved to Mexico for a few months but returned. I missed my family too much and was offered a great job. I found my soul in San Francisco.”

Veronica: “Why are you here today?”

Carla: “To meet people and learn about them.”

Laura B.: “What simple thing in life do you enjoy the most?”

Jennifer: “Moments such as these. Being surrounded by wonderful company and enjoying a great meal.”