LAM Comadres modeling for Got Milk Campaign

GotMilk4A few weeks ago, Passport Models approached Latinos A Morir to share a modeling/hosting job opportunity for women of LAM. They were looking for outgoing, bilingual, energetic women. Since Latinos A Morir has over 1,600 women members, we did not hesitate in share this great opportunity to our network.

At the end, 8 LAM members were chosen for the campaign that was held at Union’s Square Macy’s.

Below is a summary of one of the member’s experience:

gotmilkpic2“My experience with the beauty by milk campaign put forth by the CMPB, Grupo Gallegos and Passport Model Agency was most definitely positive and memorable. I had the opportunity to network with many fantastic women from throughout the bay area, and the flexibility that the job offered was perfect given my current status as a graduate student at UC Berkeley. Not to mention the beauty by milk campaign leaves the door open for many more opportunities with Passport in the future.

The experience was not only a job, but also a campaign that I supported because I was able to share with friends and family some of the natural beauty recipes being offered, because offering milk and cookies at Macy’s brought about many smiles (not to mention the milk came from local producers), and we were able to make a special connection with the Hispanic community whom we found were much more receptive once they realized we spoke Spanish too. I’d definitely do it again and am fortunate to have come across such an opportunity thanks to LAM.” – Nancy Diaz, LAM Member