LAM in Review – 2014

The past eight years have been an incredible journey for us at LAM. We have seen some significant changes, as we have evolved from becoming a small group of friends at UC Berkeley to a platform of influential Latinos across the globe.

We are scientists, artists, engineers, marketers, believers, dreamers….

LAM Membership

…we are male, female, straight, LGBT…

LAM Gender

…we reach across generations…


…we are of all colors…

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.38.33 AM

…and continue to learn…

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.11.41 AM

We have…

  • Visited LAM over 70,000 times
  • Visited almost 3 pages every visit
  • Saw almost 200,000 pages
  • Read 52 newsletters
  • Went to 21 events

Together, we have met new friends, shaken hands with future business partners, met our future loves, and hugged old friends. Because that is what LAM is – LAM is all of us.

We have seen over the years, that a common need continues to occur throughout our membership – the need to connect with each other at a deeper level. Every year we get closer to this goal of creating a mechanism to facilitate quality relationships with each other. Today, LAM is not just group of friends or a website or a platform – LAM is how we connect, how we share, how we communicate.

The way we connect and develop relationships has changed and LAM is extremely excited to be at the forefront of this technological paradigm shift. Based on the feedback that we have received from our members, we are shaping our 2015 strategy to be:

  • Technology: Development of core platform that will help us connect through content and interests dynamically and that will bring us closer together and deepen our connections.
  • National Footprint: Expansion into 3 new cities with 30,000 new members to grow our network of connections.
  • Membership: Increase our membership service to provide greater value in being a LAM member.

Today, we stand over 7,000 strong – connecting together, working together, helping each other. Tomorrow, we can create a technological ecosystem designed to allow our members to create valuable relationships with no borders or restraints.

Thank you for an incredible 2014. Hello 2015!



P.S. Have an idea or some feedback? Feel free to fill out our survey here or contact the CEO at [email protected]