Latinos For Social Change – What can we do?

I recently attended the introduction to the group Latinos for Social Change. The goal was to host a meet and greet with individuals interested in Latino focused philanthropy.

The event was attended by around 25-30 guests and hosted by Idalin and Leslie. There were around 4-5 round table discussion groups trying to answer tough but important questions:

1. How do you see Latinos transforming the world of philanthropy and becoming the next generation of philanthropist?

2. What key messages would you use to engage the next generation of Latino philanthropists?

3. What type of philanthropic opportunities would you like to see in the field? (i.e. more volunteering, online giving, partnerships, programs, etc)

Latinos for Social Change

I sat in a table of 6 and the discussion left me with the passion to do more.

The questions served as a starting point but our table discussed what being Latino meant, what groups of Latinos we want to help, what platforms we should use to promote the causes, segregation of Latino groups, etc.

Some key facts were given by the organizers and attendees: 1 out of 4 individuals are Latinos in CA, out of the funds giving out to non-profit organizations, only 1.5% serve the Latino community, mobile technology is a great platform to share information to low-income Latino communities and more.

Veronica brought up a good point: the concept of philanthropy is ingrained in our culture … we just don’t call it that. We already help our loved ones, our neighbors, and our communities informally. However, we can be a stronger force if we can educate and formalize part of that generosity and passion via existing philanthropic organizations without having to re-invent the wheel.

Unfortunately I had to leave early to catch Caltrain but the key messages I left with were: we need to connect passionate people with powerful organizations, technology is the simplest solution to share resources, and people want to help but some don’t know how.

My hope is that LAM can help, even if it’s just a little. LAM has the technology platform to help connect individuals and share stories. In addition, we have a strong community that is close to 10% of the Latino professional market in San Francisco. We’re evolving our group and growing to help you connect and grow.

If you missed the event but are still interested to be part of the conversation, join the group Latinos for Social Change and connect with others that are passionate by clicking here.

What do you think can be done to increase engagement within our community, and what type of engagement do you think people want to have?

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