Member of the Month: Edgar "Shoboy" Sotelo


Photo by Christian Pollock Photography

I’m familiar with Edgar “Shoboy”. I like to listen to the radio – most often when I drive from San Francisco to Redwood City to visit my mom. During those 30 to 35 minutes, La Kalle plays anything from baladas to English pop-dance to reggaeton. But it is Edgar “Shoboy” that I find the most entertaining – for obvious reasons such as the fact that he has has an upbeat, energetic, passionate, and candid personality that radiates off the airwaves. These are some of the reasons that his show is one of the top Spanish afternoon drive radio shows in the Northern California Bay Area. But few people know that Edgar has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cal Poly Pomona 2004 and a master’s in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University 2006.

Edgar also runs a powerful outreach program giving motivational speeches to over 70,000 students and parents (and counting). It was at one of these speeches that inspired Laura and Giovanni (co-founders of EDGEucation) to create an educational non-profit.

Edgar was moderator for the 1st annual Latino Youth Congressional Conference in Washington DC and is currently an ambassador of the Voto Latino “Register to Vote” Campaign in the Bay Area. He recently received the Most Influential Leader Award presented by SF Chamber of Commerce/US Senate in 2009.

Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo is the youngest of three children born in Ocotlan Jalisco, Mexico. At the young age of five, Edgar’s parents moved their family to California. At the age of 20, Edgar launched started his radio career working as the official “street reporter” for the very popular Morning Radio Show “Piolin Por La Manana.” He then ventured into his own show for Univision Radio’s La Kalle where he has been on the air for the last 3 years. He has high expectations for his professional career, and we’re proud to have him as a LAM member.


Photo by Christian Pollock Photography

With all these success, Edgar does not forget to give back. He is in the process of launching his clothing line: Unshattered Clothing which has the mission of keeping academic dreams unshattered by donating 10% of net profit toward scholarships. He also works very closely with many non-profits in the Bay Area, primarily with Bay Area Gardner’s Foundation. He recently “lost his virginity” at a fundraising event for BAGF and EDGEucation — (see clip below) donating his time and talent to raise funds for these two non-profits.

Edgar shares that although his personal success is great, he is most proud of the impact he sees when he speaks with the community:

During one of my motivational presentations, I was speaking to parents and students out in Santa Rosa and after I was done speaking, a single mother and her 17 year old son came up to me and the young man said: “After hearing you speak I wanted to tell my mother in front of you that I will no longer be involved in my gang and that I will apply to college and become a better son, because I want to represent Latinos and my family in a positive matter as a champion and not a loser.” The mother began to cry out of joy and they hugged. This is one of many life transforming stories that are a true blessing in my life. This student is now @ Sonoma State University.

Next time you hear “ShoBoy” on the radio, remember that he is not just a voice on the airwaves, but rather a figure in our local community.

By being member of the month, he will receive VIP entrance for the rest of the year and get two free drinks at our next event. In addition, he will receive a half-hour professional photo shoot from Christian Pollock Photography! – international photographer working in various industries (events/weddings, fashion, architecture, and commercial).

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