Sex May Sell, But It Has Nothing to Do with the Making of a Great Party!

What do people look for in a social event?

  • Energy
  • Good Music
  • Good Venue
  • Sexy People?

How do you portray these qualities via emails, flyers, word of mouth, etc.?

I have been dealing with these questions since LAM started and I recently had a conversation with a friend which sparked my interest even more. It has been my belief that objectifying women on advertisements creates an image that most people hate yet accept and sometimes … enjoy. Sex sells, but I don’t believe it has anything to do with the making of a great party.
I have observed and spoken with various event organizers in San Francisco and all have agreed that sex sells … and it sells big. I understand that portraying an angle of sexiness is sometimes necessary to entice people to attend an event, but I wonder if attendees think of the sexiness angle in a conscious or subconscious manner. Everyone likes to feel they’re part of an elite group of sexy people but I am an extreme believer that this does not make a party any good without positive energy, ambiance, and good music.

I have been very careful to not use extreme sex symbols in LAM’s advertising except for women’s lips (which I still have a difficult time with). From day one, Latinos A Morir wanted to be a social network of energetic, friendly people … yet lately I had thought of incorporating “sexy” as a selling point and making it part of LAM’s brand strategy. Hence, I write this note to make a statement that I will not be using sex as a selling point since, in my eyes, has nothing to do with a great party. Instead, I will focus on creating a brand that portrays beauty, elegance, and energy.

  • Beauty refers to the qualities that give pleasure to the senses … the beauty of the Latin American culture, the music, its people, its languages
  • Elegance refers to a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste … the elegance of the event themes, its venues, the dress code, the sponsors, and its people
  • Energy refers to a positive vibe throughout peoples’ bodies and spirits … the energy to be alive and share it with everyone at the event

I write this post to ask you to help me stay true to my words and not give in to the easy side of marketing in the entertainment industry.

Until next event …

Title was borrowed and modified from the Ad of Sobieski Vodka.