Ten things to bring to your Tax Preparer

Source: H&R Block | By: Sue Malin, Bilingual Senior Tax Advisor 2, and Trainer

H&R Block offers guidance on what paperwork to bring to your tax preparer. 

Make the tax return process less painful by bringing some documents that can prove your income and deductions for the year, as well as general information.

General Information

  1. Be sure to bring social security number(s) for yourself, your spouse and your dependents.
  2. Bringing your prior year tax returns, both federal and state, is always helpful.
  3. Be sure to tell your tax preparer about any life changes that you’ve had during the year, such as marriage, divorce, a new child, a new home, new job etc.

Income Documents

  1.  Bring all your W-2s.
  2.  Bring all 1099s, such as state tax refunds, non-employee compensation, retirement, etc.
  3.  Remember that unemployment income is taxable too, so be sure to bring that information as well.

Deductions/Credit Records

  1. Be sure to bring receipts or statements showing any medical expenses, charitable contributions, job search expenses, or casualty losses (losses due to flood, fire, etc.) that you had during the year.
  2. If you are a homeowner, bring your Form 1098 from your mortgage company. This will show mortgage interest and real estate taxes paid.
  3. Bring personal property tax receipts such as DMV renewal document.
  4. If you paid tuition for a post-secondary institution, be sure to bring this information as well.

If you own a small business, you should also bring the following information:

  • Records of your business income
  • Records of your business expenses, such as receipts, invoices, and bills.
  • If you use your car for your business, be sure to bring the log of the business use.
  • If you have a home office, have the information to claim this deduction. Be sure to bring in your utility bills, plus records of repairs done to the home office area.
  • Information about any self-employed health insurance premiums paid and self-employed retirement plan contributions made during the year.

Finally, it will make it easier and quicker for you and your tax preparer if this information is organized by type, general, income, deductions, and business, when you walk into their office. Get Your Billion Back America.