The chaos of planning the next event

I have been trying to find a good location for the members to enjoy, yet I have many difficulties in selecting a date and place. I have gotten feedback from members that having an event every month and a half is good, but I also have gotten feedback that I don’t have enough events. In addition, people tell me that they like going to the same place because it makes it feel like “nuestro bar” but others say that I need to have variety.

I once read a quote that said: “I cannot give you advice to succeed … I can only give you advice to fail: Try to please everyone.”

I guess I should start following this quote and try to go with gut feeling.

The other part of the chaos is working with locations and dates: Most good lounges/bars/clubs have their calendar full 3 months in advance. I wanted to have a party in April and another in May, but one location wants end of April and the other wants early part of May. (I do want to have at least 2 weeks in between events). Hopefully something opens up and I can have events at least 3 weeks in between.

One thing I do want to point out though .. seeing the process of creation from nothing to a great night is an amazing feeling. Currently there are no plans for April’s event, but by mid April, people will be having a blast somewhere in San Francisco. I don’t want to sound corny but it is somewhat magical. 😉