The colors of Ensambles Ballet Folklorico

LAM’s editorial team celebrates the talents of our members by featuring their work on LAM’s website.  This week we celebrate the involvement of two LAM Members, Priscilla López and Mario Sosa, who are part of the professional dance company Ensambles Ballet Folklorico de San Francisco (EBF).

LAM Member Priscilla López Photo by Mario Sosa

LAM Member Priscilla López Photo by Mario Sosa

Mario Sosa is a  graphic designer, photographer and part-time dancer for the group.  Below are some of Sosa’s photographs of  EBF’s dancers. Sosa photographed his fellow dancers  to capture and promote the essence of  EBF. Scroll down to see the pictures and click on images to enlarge.

Priscilla López is a clinical audiologist and a part-time dancer for EBF.  López is a regular at LAM’s professional and social events.

About Ensambles Ballet Folklorico

Ensambles has been set apart as a unique dance ensemble made up of a diverse group of talented individuals. Company members are all part- time artists that either work or attend school in their daily lives. Dancers vary in levels of experience, age, ethnicity, and professions. Ranging from high school students with little dance experience to seasoned working professionals with over 10 years of dancing experience, all are committed to the continuation of one of the richest manifestations of tradition and culture in Mexico – Folkloric dance. It is this distinctive mixture of life embodied by the dancers of Ensambles that makes it one a kind.

The dedication and skill of dance company members is led by the vision of artistic director Zenon Barron. Combined, the two make for the creation and execution of countless original pieces that have had extraordinary success. Ensambles’ strengths are based in the foundations of a strong group of dancers guided by an exceptional artistic director.

The company’s mission to promote Mexican dance with quality and authenticity is what allows for such diversity to blossom within the company. Ensambles has created an everlasting cycle to the preservation of Folkloric dance through the perpetual learning and teaching of dance to all whom desire. There is no requirement of prior dance experience to be a part of Ensambles, only a will to promote and display the beauty that is Mexican folk dance.  With several teachers within its company, everyone has a chance to learn from one another. The company consists of dancers whom have been directors of groups themselves, or have been principal dancers within other folkloric groups; nevertheless, all have come together to learn and teach folkloric dance within Ensambles. The heart of the company is in its people and their dedication to this mission.   A key element to the success of Ensambles has been the leadership and direction of its key members.

Information from Ensembles Ballet Folklorico website. Clicke here for more on EBF.

About the Photographer:

Mario Sosa  is a dancer for Ensambles and a graphic designer working out of San Francisco.  Sosa graduated from The Art Institute of CA in San Francisco with a degree in Graphic Design with an emphasis on branding. Sosa is currently designing for the University of San Francisco and available for freelance work.