Urban Photographs in a Poetic Dimension – San Francisco

Slanted-Moments-exhibition0I recently met David Perea, a LAM member from the beautiful Arequipa, Peru. With a BA in hospitality management from Cal State San Francisco, he is a concierge at the Grand Hyatt, a free spirit, but more importantly, an artist. I enjoyed meeting him and sharing his passion for life, poetry, and photography. His work is currently being displayed at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA! Please support our local artists!

From David’s website:

“Urban Photographs in a Poetic Dimension”

Slanted Moments SF 004Slanted Moments SF 004_1Since I was a boy, a self taught artist that explores the beauty of existence while discovering new aesthetic personaes of the self. I create graphics, poems and hymns because I feel its oxygen for the heart and light for the spirit. I consider artistic self expression to be the best tool to quiet the mind and give the soul a chance to shine. I compose artistic forms in diverse dimensions to inspire others with pure, sensual feelings and thoughts.

I consider myself an Artist of the world because I take a little from everything and craft a transparent composition of my sincere & original personality. Creativity flows through the veins when I feel close to the center. Writing with light, or photography has helped me experience the eternity of the moment and allow me to share the present as a gift.

“Slanted Moments San Francisco”

latinosSlanted-Moments-SFPoetry & Photography book.

Slanted Moments San Francisco is a bilingual book of feelings, pictures and words while discovering a new personae inside.

It is an abstract exploration of photographs fusion in a poetic composition.

Open desire to express life experiences and share them with the people I admire. And thank the ones that inspire me to create this galaxy of letters and images that are dear to my soul. It’s a present to my family and friends.

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