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Here Are 11 Solid Reasons Why Your Vote Matters

register to voteAs we enter another election year you may be asking yourself, why vote? Congress seems ill-equipped to act, politicians don’t keep their promises, and money seems to be getting in the way of everything. The good news is, we control our future through the power of our vote.

Together, We Can Better America
1. As the fastest growing group in the US, we have the power to shape a new America. 1 of 6 Americans are now Latino and it won’t be long before we’re the majority in many states. Collectively, we can demand solutions to our toughest problems.

Our Future Relies on Mobilization
2. Of the 21 million Latinos who were eligible to vote in 2010, only 6.6 million actually headed to the polls. We’ve lost our homes, our jobs, our ability to pay for school and in some cases, our family. If this does not make us vote now, what will?

It’s Your Money!
3. Think you pay too much taxes? Not enough? Vote! City, county and state officials decide how much we pay in sales, property and state income tax, and how it’s spent. Voting is a way to prioritize what is important to our community.

Our Education Depends On It
4. Elected officials pretty much decide whether you can afford college by calling the shots on tuition rates, financial assistance and the level of funding schools get. Got a kid? Budgets, rules, and material taught in your child’s school are set by a school board elected by YOU.

Voting is a Hard Won Right
5. It wasn’t too long ago that women, the very poor and non-literate couldn’t vote. As bad as things may seem today, because of the universal right to vote, the people have much more ability to change things than ever before.

They Don’t Want You to Vote
6. If our vote wasn’t such a threat, politicians wouldn’t keep trying to make it so hard for us to turn out. In 2011, there were 14 states that passed restrictive laws that could prevent millions of people from exercising their most basic right.

Our Retirement Should Be Secured
7. Congress sets the retirement age for Social Security and Medicare, and the levels of funding for both programs. The next few years could determine what kind of retirement you will have. Speak up now or forever hold your peace.

We Can Make a Real Difference
8. Recent elections in Arizona, Nevada, and Florida, amongst many others, have shown the power of our vote. History has shown that when you threaten our families or harm our interests, we stand up. It is time to begin sitting at the table and stop being on the menu.

Stop the Exploitation!
9. The poor, the young, and people of color are getting trampled on for not voting as much as they should. In fact, only 39% of eligible Latino males voted in the last election. Those who vote get better schools and better services. What are you waiting for?

They Can’t Buy Your Vote
10. Politicians respond to two things: money and votes. Voting is our democracy’s great equalizer— it doesn’t care how much money you have, your level of education, your skin color or your gender. Your vote is your greatest source of power. Use it, don’t lose it!

Politics Isn’t Always Positive
11. Yes, politics gets messy sometimes, but what’s worse is being unemployed, uninsured and unable to afford college. Your vote forces politicians to address these issues. Not voting makes you irrelevant.

Article first appeared at http://votolatino.org